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Transcripts of Every Episode for Easy Reading & Reviewing Anytime You Want
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Cameron George

Co-founder of Kavaplex

After being very athletic and active, in his late teens he developed chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and nervous system disturbances.

Being put on Adderall and other psychotropics was a disaster that accelerated his deterioration. He ended up in full-blown psychosis and all his problems were worse.

At this point, he’d been labeled with many different autoimmune diseases – Crohn’s, lupus, MS etc. By the time he met Dr. Pompa, he was having convulsions and crazy food allergies.

“So I was looking for plant compounds that weren’t addictive and weren’t toxic,” Cameron shares. And he found them – and reveals them to you in this hidden interview!

Dr. Jason Sonners

Chiropractor & Clinical Director of HBOT USA

Suffering from a herniated disc, he was looking for non-invasive therapies. Even when the worst of symptoms had responded to chiropractic treatment, he was left with drop foot and lingering pain.

For his lingering symptoms, he was taking Omega 3s and Omega 6s for inflammation and tissue support, turmeric and resveratrol for inflammation, and other supplements to feed and support the nervous system.

At a conference in Las Vegas, he found a little-used treatment… he tried it, and his foot felt different right away. So he went in it again a few more times over the weekend. This gave him about 50% recovery.

“I look at oxygen now as that missing nutrient,” Jason says.

We need 100% O2 saturation, but we have no storage mechanism for it. All of our cells need it, so it is vitally important. “I think it’s probably the most, at this point, overlooked solutions for so many issues that are present today.” Get all the exciting details in this interview!

Dr. Chandler George

Founder of Ageless Energy Health

After his father developed violent dementia and was kicked out of nursing homes because of it, he developed a special interest in brain nutrition.

His mother-in-law has a little dementia, and they tried medicinal mushrooms with her. It gave her a calm focused energy and greater alertness.

“People are looking for hacks in their life,” Dr. George says. “And I think the mushroom was the next evolution.” Medicinal mushrooms have been trending up in interest “because it’s affordable …” He also tells you which varieties to buy and what they do to regulate hormones (especially at midlife) and balance out mood swings.


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Dr. Rachel Fresco, L.Ac., PhD

Founder of Bio-Botanical Research

Dr. Fresco reveals what Biofilms are and how they can heal infections, Lyme disease and dental infections.  She also reveals:

Harris B Williams Jr.

Co-founder of Univera

He researches plants that will upregulate repair in the DNA, and push down on the damage.

The impact is substantive enough to make a difference, and “You see it in the thousands of people now who have been using the products for 20 years.”

“You have to understand Mother Nature’s rules to fool father time,” according to Harris. The answers are in the plant kingdom.

He reveals the plant that has one of the biggest impacts on DNA repair. It has been used for thousands of years and even goes back to Alexander the Great:

Will Stow

Chief Scientific Officer for MitoQ Limited

A scientist and pharmacy authority, Will explains:

Carly Stein

Founder & CEO of Beekeeper’s Naturals

Ben Cote

Director of Brand & Community for Neurohacker Collective

Tina Anderson

Co-founder & CEO of Just Thrive




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Because of customs regulations, we cannot ship supplements to customers outside of the United States, and apologize for the inconvenience for our international customers.



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Because of customs regulations, we cannot ship supplements to customers outside of the United States, and apologize for the inconvenience for our international customers.



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